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Affirming Jesus Christ. Achieving Academic Excellence.

Haven Academy offers students and their families an academic approach that utilizes a constructive, scholastic blend of educational models, also known as a hybrid education. This up-and-coming form of education takes the best of both the in-classroom and homeschool models, with the school evaluating and approving carefully chosen curriculum. Teachers then set the pace for both the in and out of classroom learning, partnering with parents in the overall guidance and academic success of their students.

  • Mondays through Wednesdays function in a traditional classroom with highly qualified teachers.

  • Thursdays are the weekly homeschooling day, with teachers providing easy-to-understand detailed curriculum packets to parents.

  • Fridays are reserved for families to lead their child by reviewing, going on field trips, or educating however they believe will best aide in their child's academic success.

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